Oman Commits to 1GW Manah Solar Projects

Oman Power & Water Procurement Company (OPWP) is steadfast in its commitment to advance the ambitious Manah photovoltaic (PV) solar independent power producer (IPP) projects, with plans to issue tender documents for the 500-600MW Manah 1 and Manah 2 projects in July.

Pressing Forward Despite Challenges

Despite initial delays attributed to the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, OPWP is now gearing up to propel the Manah PV IPPs forward. The state utility prequalified nine international consortiums in December last year, setting the stage for the development of Oman’s largest solar project.

Tender Timeline and Project Outlook

Originally slated for a first-quarter release, the request for proposals (RFP) was delayed due to the prevailing circumstances. However, according to sources close to the project, OPWP is poised to release the RFP documents in July. CEO Yaqoob Said al-Kiyumi affirmed the utility’s commitment, stating that the RFP would be circulated to prequalified companies in the “coming weeks or months.”

Prequalified Consortiums Eager to Participate

The prequalification of nine international consortiums underscores the global interest and enthusiasm for the Manah solar IPPs. Among the prequalified groups are industry leaders such as Masdar and EDF Renewables, Acwa Power, Eni, SB Energy, Jinko Power, and others. The diverse range of participants reflects the international collaboration and expertise that will contribute to the success of the Manah projects.

Development Partners and Advisory Support

The PV solar plants, strategically located at Manah, 150km southwest of the capital Muscat, are set to benefit from the expertise of US/Indian Synergy Consulting as the financial adviser, DLA Piper providing legal advisory services, and Germany’s Fichtner offering technical advisory services.

Oman’s Renewable Energy Vision

Oman’s government aims to integrate renewable energy as a substantial component of its energy mix, with plans for it to contribute 10 percent of the country’s total generating capacity in the main interconnected system by 2025. The first phase, involving 500MW, is slated to come online in 2022. A significant milestone in this endeavor is the Ibri 2 IPP project, a 500MW initiative led by a consortium led by Saudi Arabia’s Acwa Power, which signed final project agreements in May last year.

As Oman navigates the path toward sustainable energy, the commitment to the Manah solar projects exemplifies the nation’s dedication to renewable energy goals and highlights its pivotal role in the global shift toward cleaner and more sustainable power sources.

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